Robert Rebecca

I’m happy you are taking the time to read more about me. Prior to coming to Ardent, I worked in a variety of mental health settings. Some of my most enjoyable and memorable experiences are with Ohio Department of Corrections, Thresholds, and City Colleges of Chicago.

While I have had the opportunity to work with diverse people, most of my time has been spent with adolescents, students, young professionals, and adults. I have also helped people facing a wide range of challenges and problems. However, I have the most experience with those who are anxious, struggling to succeed at school or work, or having difficulties managing anger.

I take a genuine approach to therapy in order to create a collaborative relationship where I focus on strengths. This approach lays a foundation for a prosperous relationship that offers the opportunity to create change.

I recognize we are always moving through life and meeting challenges. We not only choose to avoid or meet these challenges, we also choose how we address them. Early in life we develop our own unique style of moving through life and what to do when we come upon these challenges. This style may have served us well when we were young, but doesn’t always work the best as we grow. Perhaps this is where you are stuck.

Today you are one step closer to creating the change you wish to see in yourself.

I look forward to working with you!


I am working toward my certification as a therapy dog. 


I am working toward my certification as a therapy dog.