I have already written about anger, anxiety, and mischief., three reasons the majority of the people come to see me.  To finish out posts about areas in which I focus, I want to write about the whole reason for going to therapy: to be happy!  Unfortunately clients, and even many therapists, believe the point of therapy is to not feel crazy any more. 

I use the example of the dentist (please don’t be offended dentists!).  Many people only go to the dentist when they have a toothache or some problem.  Once the issue is all fixed, we’re out of there!  Sure the dentist harasses you a bit about not flossing well enough and then tells you should come in twice a year, but it’s been much longer than six months.  Oh, and the receptionist does her best to get you to schedule your next appointment, but you make some excuse or end up cancelling the appointment.

The point of therapy is not to get rid of an issue.  It’s not to stop being anxious, depressed, or angry.  The point is to feel happy. If you’re happy, you’re not going to be anxious or depressed.  Not to mean you will never feel these emotions, but you won’t be an anxious or depressed person. The point is to learn about yourself and grow.  No matter how much you know about yourself, there is always something to learn.  With this new awareness and mindfulness, you can be your own therapist! 

Therapy isn’t over once you stop feeling unhealthy.  This is when the real work begins.  When you stop dragging around all that garbage bringing you down, you can be free to go about however you would like.  The issue is, you have been dragging that huge bag of garbage around and may have never learned to balance yourself without it.  It can help to work with a therapist to practice your new way of going about until you make it a new habit.

So let go of the bag, grab your phone, and give me a call if you would like to talk.