There are a handful of words out there that, if I had my way, I would do away with.  They are of absolutely no use to a healthy and happy person.  In fact, they get in the way, limiting our self-awareness and subconsciously affecting our daily lives. Okay, I admit I use them from time to time.  I do my best to catch myself when I do.  Perhaps we can call decide to help each other quit. 

They all seem innocent enough, but using them has great impact.  Often they are even used maliciously in order take a jab at someone or bring someone down, but not have to accept any consequences of doing so, because they are just innocent words!  After reading this I hope you are more willing to point out when someone is trying this on you.  Or, when you are doing it to yourself. 

Some of these have been written about before, but some have not.  I’ll do my best to give recognition to those who have done so in the past or otherwise brought them to my attention. 

Anyways, a mentor of mine used to refer to self-defeating and negative thoughts as “junk thinking.”  Taking his lead, I’ll call these “junk words.”  So, let’s start tossing them out…

AuthorRobert Rebecca